Friday, November 14, 2008

Hangovers are more of a bitch than me

So I've finally begun to come to. I can only wonder how long I've blacked out for. Perhaps I need to see Tony and Carol about going to AA.

What the bloody hell is going on and why do I have a certificate from the "Amazing Mutant Race 4"?

And who is this Nathan Petrelli character?

Friday, April 14, 2006

Evil is as Evil does

After Chales's party, I had come to a very hard decision. I felt the need to go through with my plans for world domination. So I gathered up my girls to discuss the matter with them.

"Girls, would you like to help me rule the world?" I asked them after explaining my thoughts.

The Stepford Cuckoos discussed it amongst themselves for a minute.

"We would love to Miss Frost."

"Yes of course."

"You didn't even have to ask."

"We'll be unstoppable."

"May we destroy Mr. Quire in the process?"

"Yes he is quite the little snot."

"His mind is too weak."

"Did you know he likes Sophie?"

"Ew. Don't remind me."

"He's the Professor's favorite."

I shushed them gently with a hand. "Now, girls, do you know of the best place to begin the take over? I thought I would consult you first."

"Russia is the largest country."

"Japan has a powerful military."

"Canada is always neutral; no one would expect it."

"The U.K. is lovely. Besides it has many alies and is near the rest of Europe."

"What about India?"

"England it is." I said. "I have a spare Cerebra there. We can use it there."

We set off for my English Villa that afternoon. My girls have studied well and are quite the little masterminds.

As soon as we landed, just outside of London, we gathered in my limo and proceeded onward. As we waited in traffic, I spotted a very lovely man through my window. I put the window down and stared for a moment. Our eyes met, we shared a delicious thought and then the limo began to move again.

"I hope Mr. Worthington doesn't mind sharing."

"Miss Frost has the best taste in men."

"I do hope we see him again."

"We will."

"He had a very lovely ass."

The girls giggled.

I was so flustered, I didn't even correct their behavior. I was lost in thought about that man and about my plans for ruling the world. There was nothing I could do but smirk in spite of myself and my foolish thoughts.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Witch is dead

Well that stunt double of mine is dead... And it wasn't even during the mission. She died in some antimutant protest.... Well at least now it isn't my fault.

Anyways, dear. I am officially the new trendsetter in Japan. As you can see, Emma Frost is better than Magneto. Sorry Erik, dear, but gorgeous women beat bitter old men.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Oh dear...

Well, it seems Charles has taken my stunt double along for the fight against Jean. I do hope she will be alright. Her telepathic skills aren't quite up to par, I'm afraid. The only thing she can manage is to make people believe they are hamsters. Oh well. I do hope Hallmark makes a "Sorry I got your daughter eaten by a psychopathic Life and Fire incarnate Phoenix.". Otherwise, I don't know what I'd do. Perhaps a nice bouquet could compensate?

Well, whatever. I think Magneto was offering to marry me in his last comment. Of course, it seems conditional that I must first aid him in his pathetic attempts to rule the world. Well, sorry, Erik dear. If and when I take over the world, you and every other man alive would be kissing my well manicured toes and forsaking all other women. I have better allies than you, Erik. I have your daughter, Wanda. Don't worry, Erik... I'll give you some small country for you to rule over under me.

Anyways, enough about my plans for world domination and what not. My meeting with the Yoshida Clan have gone rather well. In exchange for a small fee, they have agreed to come up with a new trend. I'm positive they will have a splendid idea and I will speak to them once more soon.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Now tell me you missed Auntie Emma.

I thought I should check in. After all, it has been ages since I last updated you on my well being.

Unlike Jean, I have no real excuse for my absence and I hope you can forgive me, dears.

I hear Jean has gone evil once again. Which means Scott is going to be whining more than usual. Luckily I'm in Tokyo and hopefully he cannot find me.

I'm here in Tokyo attempting to dissuade the people from falling under Magneto's influence. Its harder than it sounds, my little pigeons. These Japanese people adore this whole Magneto propaganda phenomena. I myself own at least three "Magneto Was Right" designer outfits. Not that I condone that style, but it is rather cute.

As for the propaganda outbreak, I doubt it is anything. It will probably die within a few weeks. In any case, I have a meeting with the Clan Yoshida in a few days. So hopefully their influence can end this fad.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Skank, my Foot

Finally. I have been saved by the X-Men, though it took them forever.

After many years of scheduling and collaboration, Betsy, Storm and I finally got around to having a press conference regarding my attire. Aparently it also served as intervention.

We sat down and sipped our tea lightly. A man toward the back of the crowd raised his hand after a while. "Yes?" I called, raising a brow at him.

He adjusted his glasses. "Miss Frost?" he began, "Is it true that you only wear corset variations?"

"Of course not. When I was teaching my Generation X students, I wore a full body suit and such. And the outfit I am in now is quite tasteful."

After a few more questions, I was rudely interrupted by a hysterical mother. "YOU ARE A SKANK!" she yelled at me.

My lip quivered in rage. "What makes me any different than them!" I pointed at Betsy and Ororo.

"Well..." she began, the room becoming silent, "Miss Braddock is a ninja. And Miss Munroe was never evil."

I glared. "How can a ninja sodding well be sneaky in a bathing suit variation? And Ororo had horid hair in the 80's." She was about to say something but I stopped her. "They aren't the only only one's who dress like tramps either! There's Rahne, Tessa, Wanda, Rachel, and Polaris. Even the sodding boys joined in! Logan ran around in boxers. Bobby only wore a speedo under his iceform in the early days. Piotr wore a codpiece. Remy has wandered the corridors in boxers. Hell, even Jean and the Professor have been scantily clad."

No one in the room seem too pleased with my retaliation. I pushed a few of their bliss buttons and they all fell to the ground, asleep. "Infants." I hissed, leaving.

And before I forget...

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life
On again off again Villain

Four Places You’ve Lived
Boston, Massachusetts
Empire State Dorms
Hellfire Club House
The X-Men Mansion

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch
Project Runway
America's Next Top Model
The Madness of Henry VIII Documentary
American Idol

Four Places You’ve Been On Vacation
Astral Plane

Four Blogs You Visit Daily
Professor Xavier
Jean Grey-Summers

Four Of Your Favorite Foods

Four Places You’d Rather Be
San Fransisco, Californina
Quebec, Canada
Paris, France
Rome, Italy

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without
I make my own album's dear...

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned
A white limo
A black limo
That darling town car
Mustang convertable

Four People To Be Tagged
Jean Grey-Summers
Scarlet Witch

Sunday, January 08, 2006

And here's the pitch

Alright, so I began posting. Jean had given me a pep talk over AOL, so I decided to give it another shot.

The other day, I was attending Rachel's charity baseball game. It wasn't fun at all for me, at least. That little lemning was quite over zealous and would not stop bashing my baseball skills, of which I have none.

As the game started, I took my position and kept focus on Rachel. She had a devilish smile across her face, so I scowled at her. She wound the pitch and the ball hard. Fortunately, the ball was out of the strikezone. "Ball one!" the umpire called.

"Made you flinch Emma darling." Rachel laughed. I narrowed my eyes even more. I'd have to deal with her later.

I noticed she was beginning to wind another pitch. The crowd was cheering and I was deeply upset. Scott was yelling at me and it was beginning to irritate me. I gripped my bat tighter and concentrated on Rachel's puny mind. She was going in for another fastball. I tweaked her mind just at the right moment, throwing her aim off.

"Ball two!" the umpire called again.

I smirked while Rachel glowered at me. "Cheater!" she yelled accusingly.

"Skank!" I spat. She started running at me, about to knock me over. Sensing this, I turned diamond and cracked my bat over her head. We began attacking eachother's mind after this. And then, after our minds were exhausted, we began throwing punches. Of course I won that bout. Scott and Logan had to drag us away from eachother. But at least I taught that little tart a life lesson, never mess with Auntie Emma.