Sunday, November 20, 2005

Silly Mystique... Tricks are for kids.

I awoke this morning in the most ghastly night-gown. It was so horrid, that I shall only mention that it was excessively covererd with bows and frills. Apparently Shadow King left me more disoriented than that trip to Hong Kong.

Anyways, my Hellions and I traveled early this morning to England via my private jet. Soon we were in London at the Harry Potter movie. It was crowded in the theater and smelled of infants and popcorn, kind of like Kitty's new perfume. Brian Cruz, you all know him as Tag, saw to it that they cleared out. He "tagged" himself and everyone left.

I was dissapointed. The film was choppy, dears. It also missed some major plot points. But apparently I am supposed to buy it for my squad to complete the series.

Incidently, I found out that these movies are merely chronicles of the school, much like our X-Men films (I had to pull a lot of strings for myself to appear in X3). It seems "Hogwarts" fell on some hard times and needed the money. Unfortunately it leaked into the Muggle world and well, you know the rest.

I have extended an invitation, through several of my contacts, to one Mr. Malfoy. He seemed pleasant enough and would get along well with Julian I believe.

As I sat writing my letter in my quaint English manor, a shot rang through the walls. Thankfully, Julian caught the bullet with his telekinesis. My Hellions fought her. I sat there, not able to use my mind to attack. I watched my squad. Rockslide sank, Dust was knocked out as was Tag and soon Mercury and Hellion were as well. Luckily, Hellion stopped Mystique's telepathic blocker. I entered and attacked her. Apparently she thought I was being rude when I told her to have a "romp with Destiny". Was I mistaken that she and Miss Adler were at one point lovers? I thought I done my background check on Mystique properly. Oh, well. In short, Mystique ran back home with her tail between her legs.

I had my butler, George, fish Mr. Vaccaro out of the pool and soon my dear Hellions were in my own Medical Facility, being treated.
I returned to the lounge to finish my letter. It is as follows:

Dear Mr. Draco Malfoy,

I, Emma Frost, would like to extend an invitation to you to join Xavier's School for the Gifted. I believe that your talents are quite necessary for our cause and would help contribute to mutant-"muggle"-wizard realtions. I personally would be proud to mentor you.

Emma Frost

I do so hope he accepts.

I would also like to end a rather nasty discussion on my plastic surgery. I didn't get it to be gorgeous. I got plastic surgery in order to gain access to the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, New York Chapter. At the time, my father had cut me off from his fortune and I was in desperate need of money. I did find a picture of me at some dance during my highschool day, if you were curious about my appearance prior to the surgery.

That isn't so bad, is it?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

*Le Sigh*

I grew impatient with the Shadow King, so I couldn't help but have an outburst. As I thanked Forge via E-mail for the information, I rose to my feet and approached the monster.

"Pardon me, Mr. Shadow King." I began, scowling.

"What is it?!" he retorted loudly, glaring down at me.

I could feel my power return slowly. I eyed Gaia in her cage then the power nullifaction gun, before facing the Shadow King. "I was wondering if you could hurry this up. I have promised my students that I would take them to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire tomorrow in England, dear."

I don't think he was too pleased with that. The next thing I know, he is absorbing all my feelings of anger and hatred.

I don't have any real reason to fight anymore... Its like I'm not myself. So I have no choice but to sit her, retreating. Why did I join the X-Men? Why do I hate Jean so much? What was the whole purpose of me trying to fight these inevitable personal attacks everyone has on me? Should I join a nunery?

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Nerve!

How dare the Shadow King find that insolent half-wit, Gaia, more appealing than yours truly! I have had my body and mind toned to perfection and yet he chooses that purple haired jerk. I am deeply appalled.

If you didn't know, I have been on a mission with Gaia, Jean, my dear Scott, Charles and that insolent Wolverine. We are still in the Astral Plane. Anyways, on with post, dears.

As we were wandering, apparently powerless, the Shadow King attacked us. Well out of the three female candidates, he chose the dreadful Gaia. I would have been fine if he had chosen Jean, that way Scott would need more comfort.

As I watched Gaia in the midst of being taken away, a thought occured to me. Without Gaia, the would be less annoying. Then the only pebbles in my shoe would be Miss Pryde, Miss Tessa and Jean. Perhaps even Wolverine, as his appearances were beginning to annoy me.

In my mind I was coaxing the Shadow King on, waiting for the time when all my problems with Miss Gaia would disappear.

That is when my guilt trip began. Losing Gaia would wrench my heart too much. It'd be as hard as... Well as hard as losing my precious Hellions.

But there was nothing I could do. I merely stood and waited, biding my time to pounce.

After this is over, I'm taking the new Hellions to England. Maybe I'll take them to see this "Harry Potter" everyone is talking about.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Emma has arrived, dears.

Ah, yes. It seems my girls have finally convince me to start my own blog. I have yet to fully understand this thing, but I suppose I shall just have one of my students assist me.

Why, you might be asking yourself, am I starting this blog? Well I feel that no one really knows me, dears. People have constanly be judging me lately. And I just have to wonder: "Where is the love for dear Emma?" So I wanted to show you all the world through my eyes. So I shall hope that you would check your rudeness at the door and listen to me for once.